Who are we?

The JPSCORKGROUP, constituted by the companies Jorge Pinto de Sá, Lda. (JPS) and SEDACOR – Exporting Society of Cork Articles, Ltd. (Sedacor), respects the privacy of visitors to this website and takes every precaution to protect their information.


Why this privacy policy?

This Privacy Policy arises because we intend to make our Clients and Users aware of the general rules of privacy and treatment of their personal data, which we collect and handle in strict compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

JPS and SEDACOR respect the best practices in the field of security and protection of personal data, having for this purpose approved a demanding program, capable of safeguarding the protection of data made available to us by all those who in any way relate to the company.

In this context, JPS and SEDACOR are responsible for the implementation and verification of this Privacy Policy as well as for the definition of clear rules for the processing of personal data, ensuring that all those who entrust us with the processing of their personal data, are aware of the way. how companies process data and what rights they have in this matter.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully as, if you are accessing our website, the provision of your personal data implies knowledge and acceptance of the conditions contained herein. Thus, by providing your personal data, you are authorizing their collection, use and disclosure in accordance with the rules defined herein.


Intellectual Property Rights

The contents of the website, including, without limitation, images, text, software, photographs, sound, music, videos, interactive resources and the like (“Content”), brands and logos (“Marks”), or any other rights industrial or intellectual property, contained therein, are the property of Jorge Pinto de Sá, Lda. and SEDACOR – Sociedade Exportadora de Articles de Cortiça, Lda., and their use by unauthorized third parties is expressly prohibited.

The website content is provided for personal information and use only and may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, sold, licensed or otherwise exploited for any other purpose without prior written consent of the respective owners. The user declares not to use, disable or interfere with resources related to the security of the Website and the Application.

The user may, however, print material contained on this website, provided that it is not altered, whether for personal and non-commercial use, and maintain the source and copyright indication, and provided that any other indication of ownership is not removed.

Nothing on this website should be interpreted as granting any type of license or other authorization to use its users.

The website may contain images or other materials whose copyright belongs to third parties, such as suppliers or other entities that contribute to its creation or maintenance (such as photos from an image bank).


Contents and guarantees

The user agrees that the use of the website is at his own risk and expense. To the fullest extent permitted by law, JPS and SEDACOR disclaim any warranties, express or implied, in relation to the use of the website. JPS and SEDACOR do not guarantee the correctness or accuracy of the content made available on their websites, and do not assume any responsibility or liability for any (i) errors or inaccurate content, (ii) personal injury or property damage of any nature , resulting from access to and use of the website and application, (iii) unauthorized access or use of our secure servers and/or personal and/or financial information stored on them, (iv) interruptions or cessation of transmission to or from our website web, (iv) errors, viruses, trojan viruses or similar that may be transmitted to or through the website, and/or (v) errors or omissions in the content or any loss or damage that occurs as a result of the use of posted, uploaded content, transmitted or made available through the website (vi) unavailability or any difficulty or inability to download or access the content or any other failure in the communication system that may result in the website being unavailable.


JPS and SEDACOR will not be responsible for any assistance or maintenance of the website.


JPS and SEDACOR do not assume responsibility or liability for content transmitted between users or between them and any third party.